Wednesday, 13 May 2009

I'm making a mess

Yesterday I had such good intentions of cleaning/clearing my "workroom" or should I say our dining room that has gradually succumbed to wool and all things Pure Purl related. Long gone are the days when we could actually sit and eat dinner off the table. For that you would have to remove the sewing machine, folders of work, notes to myself etc. And if you did mange to pull out a chair then it is likely to have a stack of ironing on it.

This was my tidying up session yesterday...

Needless to say it is looking slightly better today. more exciting news I found a gorgeous little mitten pattern by spillyjane on ravelry:

I will try and get a picture up, but for now I have been practicing my colourwork so I can make my very own little fishy mittens

Bad photo I know. Somehow today I have taken about 10 pictures of various things - all of which are blurry.

Have also been working on my 'Thea' Louisa Harding top which is looking rather nice. Have managed to get round to blocking it (in the process I did mange to destroy the table in my rented house) so just have to pick up the stitches for the straps. I HATE picking up stitches. For some reason the thought just terrifies me. It never makes any sense in my head about how to do it, but somehow it always just works out.

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